Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Follow on the leg

For those of you who may have forgotten, Peter broke his leg when he was 10 mo old. He fell off the bed and landed on my hair brush.

Monday we had a follow-up appointment. I had completely forgotten about it until I got a call just before lunch on Thur telling me I needed to get him x-rays. So after some more phone calls, we were scheduled for x-rays by Peter's Ped just before his appointment.

When we arrived, the technician had not received orders. She waited, called and waited, and never got the orders. (Turned out, the Ortho was faxing it to the wrong office.) So she took what she thought the doc would want and sent us on our merry way.

The Ortho was right across the street from the Ped, so this worked out pretty well for us.

Checking out Newsweek


He had time to make a few calls...

And after about 10 min, he was done sitting. ;-)

There were three things that kept Peter entertained during our 1 hr wait in the doctor's office. The first thing was another little girl. He was very interested in her, and she would talk to him. The second was a bug he found in the floor (just out of picture range above actually). He kept walking over, squatting and pointing/squealing to tell me about this wonderful new thing he discovered. Yes...I'm sure the bug was fascinating. Lastly, there was a bird on the loose in the waiting room.

Well...a loose bird? Who isn't going to be fascinated with that?

While we waited, we also had to trek back over to the Ped, because one of the x-rays the doctor wanted was missing. The receptionist handed me the orders and requested I go back over there. So orders in hand, I walked back over there.

Beautiful day...much easier than strapping Peter down.

We got the shot and back I went to wait some more. Interesting part: I asked the technician if she was sure she had the correct shot. I didn't want to make another trip. She replied yes, and also said she thought it was weird that the Ortho had requested a lot of this particular shot recently.

We finally made it back to the room to...you guessed it...wait SOME MORE! I'd be frustrated, except I've been told this doc is the best in town. I like for my kids to have the best of everything, so a little wait for such an important matter is worth it to me.

How does this work exactly?

I'm done, you can let me out now!

We finally saw the doctor. She said she still had not received the correct shot, but told me she thought we'd be OK this time. I had her explain to me exactly what she wanted, so that next time I could be my son's advocate and ensure it was correct.

And I have to say - I'm a little ticked that the technician didn't know. She read the orders...several times. And she was familiar with what this doctor wanted. I have a sneaky suspicion she just didn't want to redo it when she saw that it was wrong. Peter was not fond of getting x-rays done.

The prognosis is that Peter appears to be growing normal. The doctor said that sometimes the growth plates stop when the leg is broken like this. She said the fracture looks beautiful - can't even tell it was there. She said she wants to see him in another 6 mo and she believes that will be the last time.

I'm very glad she explained this all to me. I wasn't really sure why we had come back this time, since all looked good last time. (This doctor has a busy personality - so sometimes explanations are bit whirlwind.)

So now I'm armed...I know I'll need to get x-rays (so I can plan accordingly), I know which ones I need (so I can ensure they are correct) and the appointment is scheduled. We are all set.

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