Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Last week, as I typed up an email to some of my counterparts in Bangalore I wrote:

"The US team members will be off for 4th of July."

I then stopped...we all know what 4th of July is, but do they? So I rewrote it to say "Independence Day". It just struck me as mildly funny the terms we use in American culture.

Our Independence day was pretty laid back. We started off the morning with some yummy pancakes. This is a favorite around the house...add some fruit and YUMMO!

Waiting on the pancakes...

Can't shove 'em in fast enough!
Don't ask me about the bib...I have no idea!

Rebekah had really wanted to go on a walk the previous day. William didn't feel like it and I didn't feel like it. We live on a dirt road. A "walk" means they want us to pull them in the wagon. LOL Pulling 65-70 lbs worth of children on a dirt road is a wee bit tiring.

So we promised her we'd go the next morning. Promise fulfilled!

Our view. I'm really going to miss it...it is beautiful.

There is a small bridge down the road,
the kids love throwing rocks off of it.

Back in the wagon to go visit the geese/ducks down the road!

When we got back, the kids were not ready to go inside. Apparently, it was time for a popsicle break.

We thought we'd better go buy fireworks before nap time hit. That way we could set them off right after everyone woke up.

The chosen stand!

Rebekah has an affinity for lady bugs...LOL

This looks like fun mom!

Buying them...William showed GREAT restraint this year.

Funny - because after all we bought, the big hitter was the snap dragons. The 25 cent item the most popular? William said we should have just bought more of those and skipped the rest!

My mom has a pool...what better way to spend the 4th than swimming?? We bought some new life jackets for the kids. Rebekah made up a "new" song for them too.

For Peter's (and you make recognize this one):
Baby shark do dooo do doooo do do do do Baby shark!

For Rebekah's:
Sister duck do dooo do dooo0 do do do do sister duck!

My mom and Rebekah!

My dad is big into scuba. If anyone wants to get certified, I'll hook you up! ;-) He used his new underwater camera to take a few shots.

The kids loved these little chairs!

Our 4th ended with a bang...errr a "blah"? Once we got home William got pretty sick and was sick for the rest of the weekend. Rebekah does a great rendition of these moments! "Daddy said 'blah blah blah' in the bathroom!"

Seeing as this is one of William's favorite holidays (as it is I'm sure for all pyro's), he was pretty bummed to have missed the best part. I ended up setting off the fireworks, so no pictures.

And yes, he is much better now thank goodness!

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