Sunday, July 12, 2009

The funny thing about miracles

Miracles and blessings can be funny things. Sometimes, they do not feel like a miracle or a blessing.

Take for example when Peter was thrown out of his daycare. For those of you not aware, we received a letter one day telling us that "Peter cried too much" and that we ought to hold him less. They also stated they were going to give it 2 weeks, and if he didn't improve they would be forced to give us 2 weeks notice.

When we received the letter, it sure did not feel like a blessing or a miracle. It was a very painful thing. It was unpleasant. That was one of the (if not THE) worst month of my life ever. I cried on my way to work every day after dropping Rebekah off there. I was upset that Peter wasn't going to get the "same great care" that Rebekah had. I was thoroughly and utterly convinced that was the best daycare in town.

Well...we all make mistakes. And thanks goodness God knows better.

One day after searching for a month and interviewing daycare after daycare, I randomly called this little place. The director was kind and they actually had an opening. After a whirlwind tour of the place, I found myself sitting in her office 2 weeks later with an enrollment check.

"You know, we never have openings like this. We always have a waiting list. I just can not believe we have an opening!"

I can. I knew in my heart that was what God had intended for us.

The funny thing about people is that we can sometimes be set in our ways. We believe a particular thing is right and we close ourselves up in a box. Boxes are comfy. They are familiar. And sometimes God has to take certain steps to help us get out of our boxes and see if something is better.

Currently I'm in a similar position. My house is potentially sold tomorrow. Sure, I should be happy. However it is painful for me. I love my house. This is not my choice, but sometimes God takes drastic measures to help us out of our boxes. I'm reminding myself how joyful I am that I received that terrible letter from that daycare. Surely I will be just as happy that we have sold our house and made a change in our lives.

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