Sunday, July 19, 2009

A slice of time

Right now, we are in Oklahoma, visiting William's folks. I'm sitting in their living room watching everything.

William is taking his shower.

Peter is carrying around a football, and watching a soccer ball that Thomas (William's brother) is tossing around.

Rebekah is sitting in Linda's lap (William's mother), watching some TV show with a walking daisy (named Daisy) who wants to play an instrument.

Thomas has tossed the ball, and Peter has gone running squealing after it...

Billy, William's Dad is blowing up a balloon for Peter to chase. I may have to get a picture of that...the balloon is almost as tall as Peter, and Peter is trying to sit on it.

It has been an overall pleasant visit. A nice calm during this turbulent time that William and I have been facing (the sell of our beloved house).

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