Friday, August 28, 2009

Dealing with bosses 101

My boss is great. We go to the same church, so sometimes I feel I have to be extra truthful. I can't tell all those normal employee white lies. Ya know...I'm feeling sick...cough cough.

But...because I'm extra truthful, I get away with a little more. :-)

Today we had a manager/employee meeting. It is pretty informal. I was about 30 seconds late, and when I walked in he said he had just sent me an instant message saying he was lonely...ya know, to give me a hard time (cuz I was 30 seconds late).

After the meeting, on our way out we ran across a very pregnant coworker. She is due at the end of the week, and pretty much just waiting for that baby to be born. The poor girl waddles everywhere, walks incredibly slow and just LOOKS like she is ready to have this baby. Takes me down memory lane every time I see here! I did the same things!

My boss sees her and exclaims "You haven't had that baby yet?" She replied that she hadn't. (What gave it away, the waddling? HA HA) He then gave her some other ribbing along about how she needed to have the baby etc etc.

I told him that you shouldn't say those things...she more than anyone else is painfully aware she is STILL pregnant. It isn't something she needs to be reminded off...and more than likely he just annoyed her. LOL

(Speaking from personal experience here...I got so tired of saying "Yes...I'm still here...")

Bossman then says he has no tact and we joke about that and part ways.

So when I got back to my desk, I see the instant message, and I can't help myself.

Bossman: sooo lonely
ME: and with your tact, you will continue to be. ;-)

[About an hour later]
Bossman: rofl ... you have no idea how much I appreciate your irreverence

Coming from him, this is a complete compliment. I found the entire thing highly entertaining.


Janette said...

LOL too funny! And if you don't know -- said "bossman" has issues with the whole "pregnant woman"/childbirth thing anyway. Pretty funny in itself! :)

Miriam said...

Yes I know. When I was pg, he was very diligent about informing me the level of detail he was comfortable with. Not that I walked around telling people any details...I think I mentioned that the doctor said I was "progressing" one day and he flipped out.

A Proud Mom said...

That is so true! At 39 weeks, I really prefer comments to the effect of "you look great" rather than "still pregnant?" How good of you to tactfully tell him that is annoying! I wish more people would speak up and say that.