Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nursing antics

I have a secret. It isn't a SECRET secret...just something I don't often share. I don't, because I do know that many people "disprove", because in the US it isn't the cultural norm. Other parts of the world - it is the way of life.

I still nurse Peter. :-) *gasp*

Per the W.H.O. organization, the recommendation is for 2 years and beyond. In the US, the A.A.P. preaches a year. I don't know why this topic is so controversial, but it is. I don't typically discuss controversial things with people, because...well, I can be passionate about my viewpoints. :-) And I dislike offending people, even if unintentional.

The thing about BFing in general that fascinates me most are mother's reactions to nursing. Nursing is like running...you either love it or hate it. Most see it as a good thing, but while some enjoy it thoroughly, many do not. To each their own I say. I do encourage nursing whenever I get the chance, as I do believe when you have a support system it is easier and thereby more enjoyable.

A perk of BFing this long are the wonderful antics of toddler nursing.

Each day when I get home, Peter runs up and gives me a BIG hug. I pick him up, and he will say "Babu!" and point to a little brown couch that resides in a sitting area. He will repeat himself until I sit down and comply.

Well, we are moving. And we are selling much of our furniture so that we can buy furniture that fits in our new house. The other day we sold the little brown couch. Peter was napping when it was carried off by the new owners.

After he woke up, he came downstairs. Peter can be slow to wake up at times. He sat in the floor, looking around and rubbing his eyes. After about 10 minutes his face lights up. He hops up and runs over to where the couch used to sit. "UH OH!" he exclaimed.

He still frequently walks over there and says "UH OH!". I guess this is his way of saying "Gosh I miss that little couch! Why'd you have to sell it?"

A week or so ago, we had a busy evening. Dinner was ready when I got home, so there was no nursing sessions as we just sat down to eat. We went outside to play and just plain stayed busy. That evening, I was laying on our bed waiting for the kids to brush their teeth. Peter finished and came in. "Babu?" he inquired. Of course it was accompanied by a point and a shirt tug...just in case I didn't understand what it was he wanted.

"Sure!" I said. As I prepped, Peter's face lit up and he started doing a little dance. He danced for a solid 5 min and I couldn't help but crack up! His little jig included swaying back in forth and bouncing up and down giggling in glee as he waited for his treat.

I've enjoyed nursing my little toddler. As we prepare a gentle mother-led weaning approach, it will be bitter sweet. By the time I weaned Rebekah, I was already pregnant so I knew I'd be nursing again soon. Who knows what the future holds for me this time around.


Janette said...

Peter is so cute -- I laughed at the "uh oh" comment when he realized the couch was missing! :) Hopefully selling that couch will not scar him for life LOL!!

And -- as for the comment at the end "we'll have to see what our future holds for me this time"....led me to wonder...Are there thoughts of another? :)))

Miriam said...

I have no idea. I don't know what the future holds!!! :-P

A Proud Mom said...

That is a sweet story. I love the part about the little dance he does waiting for his treat.