Thursday, August 6, 2009

The story behind the picture

A long time ago I dabbled in photography. I do have an SLR camera, however it is an old fashioned film one. It was my hobby pre-child. I loved figuring out the lighting, right angle to capture whatever it was that struck me about an object. I took pictures of William, the dogs, name it...I took it!

I don't take it out much anymore because...well...I can't really afford developing film like I used to be able too. ;-) Plus I don't find film to be as versatile as digital. If I have a digital picture, I can do all sorts of things with it electronically. And electronically is where I normally use pictures.

A couple months ago we had a rainbow outside. I attempted to take a picture of it.

This one isn't so bad...but I wouldn't say it has great composition or anything.

If you look carefully, you can see it is a double rainbow.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

I turned around and saw a beautiful cloud right above our house. I love clouds. For me, the inspire imagination and can be thought provoking. And whenever I see sunlight peeking from behind a cloud...I can't help but think of God...His glory shining through!

You may recognize this...I cropped it to use for my title. :-)

Someday, I hope to pick up my hobby again. I'm saving for a new digital SLR camera. I haven't researched them...but if I could find one that fits the lenses I already have I'd be a super happy camper. We all have creative outlets. I'm not crafty or artistic. I stink at scrap booking and stamping.

But I do love photography, and certainly appreciate the effort it takes to get a good shot.

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