Friday, September 18, 2009

Birthday Bash Kickoff

Today on the way home from school, Rebekah requested ice cream. William and I chatted about it and decided today was as good as any to kick off her birthday bash. We first went eat at Texas Roadhouse (or the "Peanut Store" as she calls it lol), where she got to pretend she was a cowgirl.

And then we went to her favorite ice cream store (Cold Stone), where she had purple ice cream (Blueberry Muffin Mix).

We were discussing her birthday and my mother (who was with us) said "Wow Rebekah, I can't believe how old you are getting!"

Rebekah exclaimed "I'm not getting older!!! I'm getting BETTER!"

No idea where she got this - but at the ripe ol' age of (almost) 4, I think she is on to something.

Supposedly we are moving this week. Around our house, we believe birthday bashes should last a week. We are pretty happy we are all born. :-) So moving, celebrating and organizing an official party for hands are very full.

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