Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Four years ago...

my life changed forever. Rebekah entered this world with her quiet flair that she still has. (I was napping, when the woke me to push!) My first contraction was at 8:00 AM and she was born at 4:15 PM...bringing too meaning to a day of labor. All in a day work I say!

Rebekah has been looking forward to her birthday since August. We created a calendar to help her count down to the big day. This morning she woke up, and was looking at me from the top of the stairs. I said "Good morning birthday girl!" She squealed with glee and said "Its my birthday?" I said "Sure is birthday girl!" She started clapping and says "YAY! It is my birthday!!! Can I open presents??"

We called William, so he could wish her happy birthday. He said "How do you feel today?" She replied "I feel FOUR!"

I took fruit into her classroom for snack today. One little boy said "Where's the cake?" I said that I had brought fruit, because Rebekah really liked it. He replied "Awwww man!" This same little boy ate two helpings of it!

Another little girl informed me that her mother didn't buy oranges anymore. I said "Why not?" And she said "Because she buys peaches."

At one point yet another little boy said "I'm Batman!" I said "Well hello Batman! Where is Robin?" His eyes lit up and he pointed and said "RIGHT THERE!", pointing to the teacher. Her name you see, is Ms. Robin! Doh!

We got home and Rebekah had the meal of her choice - chicken nuggets and fries from Wendy's. We surprised her with ice cream cake, which she loved. And of course we let her open her presents from us. The BIG hit was a puppy Peter picked out. She has named the puppy "Leesha". William and I ate Taco Pronto.

It was a nice quiet evening filled with fun. I took lots of pictures - but do not have the USB convert to be able to post them. They are packed away!

Tomorrow we close on our house. Friday is field trip day and we start our move. Saturday we finish our move and have Rebekah's birthday party. It is going to be a roller coaster of a week!

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