Friday, October 9, 2009

Moving Part 1

I'm catching up on my blog...and will continue to post pictures of various bits and pieces of our move. It was a HUGE day for if moving wasn't enough, we had Rebekah's birthday party that SAME day! AHHH! I wasn't sure we'd make it...but we did.

This is a picture of the hangers left in the closets upstairs. Hundreds of them I'm sure. The previous owners left a lot of crap in our house...just one hurdle we are working on over coming.

PSA: If you move, please take all your junk with you. And do not disguise it as a "gift" for the new owners. You know good and well it isn't!


Nic said...

Love the pictures!

When we moved into our house, we found 6 bowling balls under the basement stairs. Yep, bowling balls!

Miriam said...

SIX? That is quite a few! Either a family of bowlers tragically forgot they were bowlers OR someone has a crazy aunt who kept forgetting what they gave them for Christmas the previous year???

Too funny!