Friday, October 9, 2009

Peter's birthday bash - ONE is fun!!

Peter's birthday...ok, so I'm a little late. I have a great excuse...I did not take most of these pictures. I assigned the duty to my wonderful mother-in-law. Therefore, when we saved them they were saved in an abnormal place. I actually found them just the other day! (Not her fault - I didn't save them myself and neither did she. William did...and he had told me they were on the other computer...which I don't get on very often!) :-)


Ok - so pictures off we go!

The classic birthday table!
See the HUGE present? I'm pretty sure that is from ILs...just a guess. :-)

Birthday table! That is my mom sitting there!
And you can see the decorated high chair!

What is a party without cake?
Plain I know - but Peter is only 1. He didn't care.
This is a carrot cake very low in sugar.

Peter's cake!
Same batter as above cake, but we used a dairy free whipped topping.
We weren't too sure about his allergies, and delayed dairy for him!

We had a few games...
This game is "guess the timeline" - with pics of Peter.

Who can be serious at a party? Really now?
I think this picture was taken by Rebekah - just guessing from the angle!

Mmmmm balloons!

Hey - where is my cake? I was promised one!

More balloon fun!
Rebekah and Elseigh mobbing William!

Billy (William's dad) and Rebekah scoping the room.

Yes - those balloons were a huge hit! LOL

Birthday boy and his Daddy!

And he actually ate it - Rebekah just starred at it when she turned 1!

Everybody at the party!

I have a picture frame that everyone signed. We normally like to do these types of pictures outside...but seeing as it was the midwest...well, I'm allergic to the cold. :-)

Boxes apparently are just as fun as balloons...

Birthday boy! Prince Peter!!

Small party but tons of fun. We had food, family and don't really need anything else for a great party! And I realize there aren't a ton of pictures of Peter here...I'm not sure why that is. :-) I didn't take them! It was really nice having a photographer for the party. (This last one was taken by me...)

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