Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving Part 2!

I don't really know how many moving parts there will be? HA HA! But this is the second edition.

I had a very full weekend. Friday the kids had a field trip (for which I drove) and we started our move. Saturday we had Rebekah's birthday party and of course we moved. Amazingly with so much "life" going on, we crammed it all in.

I didn't really get any pictures from the Friday moving. I was too busy...moving! :-P My dad and our family friend John Carter came and helped us out. I joined in just in time for lunch and two more loads. We worked them pretty hard and completely appreciate all their help!

Saturday was the main event!

I don't think we got a big enough truck...
but it sure did seem big when it was empty!

William's family drove up for the dual purpose of the party AND to help!
We are blessed to have such great family!
(The kids LUUURRRRVVVVVVEEEE their Uncle T!)

Rebekah and her friend Elseigh playin' in the front.
They also brought a few things out of the house and put them in the truck.
William discovered them later. ;-)

Moving is serious business!

We had a very special supervisor!
Stay on task fellas!

The girls horsing around. Umm...I mean HELPING!
(See the lamps? They brought those out!)

Lots of...CRAP!
Yeah...I'm fairly certain most of it is crap!!!

Whew...moving is HARD WORK!
Napping at the new place!

Alshey wasn't sure she was helpful at first...but she sat in the living room with Alina while Peter slept. She made sure Peter didn't get trampled on, which I GREATLY appreciated it. The Callstrom's are a huge blessing to us!

Where are we going to put all that stuff?

(No idea - hopefully in five years I'll have it figured out.)

Lunch break!

Chicken nuggets is about all she ate all weekend long. I did not have the energy to figure anything else out...and this is what she said she wanted every single time I asked her. I'm happy to report that by the end of the weekend - she did NOT turn into a chicken nugget! Whew!

Getting rid of more crap...
This crap was left by the previous owners.

Actually...I may have been fixing. Rebekah broke it, then was upset it was broken. It has since been tossed was CRAP! :-P

A "before" of the kitchen.
We are still working on the "after"...hahaha
And even more stuff ended up being piled in here...

We had a lot of great help all day long - and are so thankful and blessed by our church family. Funny - I went to buy pizza for everyone. Came back and a ton of them had left. LMHO! We had about two pizzas per a person...needless to say we sent some home with folks.

We are still not settled. It doesn't feel like home...and it is driving me NUTS that we do not have a place for everything. How can you clean if not everything has a place? Nothing drives me battier than when I have things with no place...I hate spending the time to think about where to put that thing. Often that leads to contemplation of tossing it if I don't have a good place for it!

So I'm busy making lists trying to figure out exactly what DO I need to do to make this our "home"? What is required? What is a nice to have? What must we have now? What can wait? I'm even breaking it down room by room, to help make it more manageable. I get overwhelmed when thinking of the house as a whole.

Must haves include additional storage in the kids room and our bedroom. I also want our carpets cleaned. The whole house needs a good scrubbing. I've gotten several of the important areas, but additional work is needed everywhere. We also have to put latches on the cabinet drawers and doors. Peter is having entirely too much fun opening all of them.

Some of the must haves are already done. William took down a curtain on the sliding glass was a huge heavy old useless curtain (there is a nicer one underneath) that Peter almost choked himself on.

He is talented.

We also have a gate at the top of the stairs. Our kids horse around so much, one of them tumbling down the stairs is a real possibility. Thank goodness for gates.

And I'm looking for a volunteer...if anyone is not afraid of a nasty bathroom I have one for you to tackle. :-)


love, learning and yarn said...

I love the green in the picture with Rebekah eating chicken nuggets. Is that the old place or new place? If you have a nasty toilet in the "nasty bathroom", my friend turned me on to this amazing stuff from Walmart that is like $0.98 a bottle. It's called The Works. It's amazing and no fumes. Just wear protective gear because it is corrosive.

Miriam said...

That is the NEW house! And it really isn't too bad at all! I probably will still paint in there, but that is simply because a fresh coat of paint really spruces things up! :-) And it is a small way to make it my own!

Glad no fumes, as the bathroom downstairs has no vent and no windows! =-O (We are looking to change desperately needs a vent!) Thanks for the tip! I will definitely look into it!

Ashley said...

So... I didn't read every word... but I haven't been reading any blogs 'til about this week. It's funny how pictures can make moving look so fun!

...When you get rid of all your "crap" you can come to my house and we can get rid of ours! :)

Or maybe we could do a joint garage sale in the spring??? Or relay tips/useful tables & items depending on who actually has one first!!!

Miriam said...

HA HA Ashley - absolutely. A joint garage sale sounds great!