Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is snowed all day long.  I attempted to love every bit of it, but considering that the ILs were supposed to come into town for Christmas...I had trouble.  They ended up not making it, which was a pretty big bummer for us all.  But, we took a deep breath and enjoyed our Christmas Day anyway!

(Peter is actually yawning here...)

Kids Christmas morning in front of the tree...sillies!

Peter attached himself to this present and carried it around.

The interesting thing is that this present belonged to William.  He didn't really care about his pile...

Rebekah and her pile...she was NOT interested in getting her pic taken.

WOO HOO!  That is REALLY cool!

Ummm...what is it?

Rebekah was kind enough to help Peter with opening his presents.

Presents everywhere!

These are some dress-up clothes they received from William's folks.
I love it...and NOT just because Peter is wearing a dress!

We had a great time Christmas day.  I had a ham scare, but it worked out.  The food was wonderful, and we made entirely too much.  I always do...but you know, better too much than not enough!  Seriously!  We hung out and played with my family all day long, and it was a complete blast.  Since I have a video game playing family...we played a lot of the New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii.   We had a really good time...ok, I did.  I think everyone else did too!

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