Sunday, January 31, 2010

You are a....

I have SO much posting to catch up on!  But not tonight.  Tonight I'm tired and I have spent the last hour or so catching up on OTHER website work required of me.  (I maintain our daycare's exchange for a small discount...which I am very appreciative of!)

At any rate, here is a little conversation we had as a family Saturday morning during or morning romp.  (Saturdays are so fun!  No place to be...usually!  Full of tickles and giggles!)  This particular morning we were discussing Peter's recent birthday.

William:  So Peter, are you a baby?
Peter:  No.
William:  Are you a toddler?
Peter: No.
William:  Are you a big boy?
Peter:  No!
Rebekah: Are you a salamander?
Peter: YES!

Well, I always wanted a lizard...

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