Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Totally misread...

I get StarBuck's ads in my email. I don't mind them really...they aren't all that useful (I don't really buy coffee from them or drinkware), but for some reason I always read them.  I guess I'm hoping for a coupon one day... :-)

The below was part of one such email ad.  I first read the mug titles...and when I got to the last one I thought "What, are they made by repeat prisoners?  Are they donating to prisons or something?  Re-incarcerate?  What?"

Ah well...I was close.  (And even though I know I was wrong...I STILL keep reading 'reincarcerate' instead of 'reincarnate'...amazing what your eye/brain functions will do to you!)

1 comment:

John said...

That is too funny.In fact, I confess,I jumped straight to the picture before reading your text and I also read Reincarcerate. Hey, Prisoners need coffee too.