Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The big TWO...

Hmmm...I'll have to get a picture of it, but Peter LOVES loves LOVES to show off how old he is.  He'll work diligently to get those two fingers up, then say "TWOOOOOO!".  Adorable.

Two years ago on this particular day...well, I was exhausted and disoriented.  It took me at least a week or more to recall that his birthday was on the 27th...and not the 26th.  I'm sure people thought I was looney because when they asked me when his birthday was, I'd pause and think about it.

That Thursday, my doctor stripped my membranes. I had contractions all day Thur, Fri and Sat.  They didn't really hurt...they were just annoying.  And that Friday I just worked from home because all my coworkers were scared I'd drop the baby right there.  (It was hilarious really, so maybe I should have gone to watch them squirm!)

My in-laws came in Friday, because there was a supposed ice storm, and they were afraid of not being able to come.  Irony, since they didn't get to make it to Peter's party this past weekend due to snow.  In addition, this particular weekend all our backup care for Rebekah had somehow disappeared.  (We had like 4 people lined up...it was the craziest thing!)

Every time I looked even remotely different, they would stare at me.  The never said anything, but it was clear what they were thinking.  "Is it time yet?  Is it time yet?  Is it time yet?"  That was the one thing I disliked about them being here.  So I came up with a secret signal.  I don't know if they noticed, but you know, it made me feel better.  And as the pregnant one, that is what counts the most.  I'd squeeze William's hand every time I had a contraction.

Saturday we went shopping.  I still wasn't sure what kind of bringing home the baby outfit I wanted.  I didn't really have one for Rebekah, and I had sorta wanted one for Peter but didn't know what sort of outfit exactly.  That morning...or the day before, I don't recall...I had mentioned to William it was amazing I had escaped the pregnancy without any belly rubbing.  I hated having my belly rubbed by anyone except William, I am a touch me not by nature.  While shopping this little old lady came up to me, put her hands on my belly and asked when I was due.

That afternoon I took a nap, exhausted from all the walking.  When I woke up, I didn't really want to wake up.  I had wanted to go back to sleep. I felt rude though, with our guests in the house, sleeping all afternoon.  So I made myself wake up and rejoin civilization.

That evening, we were watching Transformers.  William's mother hadn't seen it.  Wouldn't you know it, but she fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie.  I love Transformers, so it wasn't a big deal.  About half way into the movie, I was tired myself.  I wanted to go to sleep, but the contractions were strong enough that I couldn't have slept through them.  So I continued watching the movie hoping they subsided.  I wanted a nice day delivery...

Well yeah, that hadn't happened.  They increased, and I had no idea when to go to the hospital.  Being 30-45 min away, I was very nervous about having my baby in a car.  I finally called my doc, and he said give it an hour and go to the hospital.  I gave it 2.  On the way the contractions became more intense.  We signed into the hospital at 1:00 AM...1:03 to be exact!

I continued to ask the nurse where my epidural was.  By this time, it really felt like just one humongo contraction with no break in between.  I tried all the breathing crap...and really, had my fill of the natural birthing stuff.  I wanted my epidural!  I told the nurse over and over and over again.  I think I annoyed her...but I finally got it.  (No thanks to her I might add!  A doctor came in and I pretty well demanded it!)

Let me tell you - getting my epidural during one humongo contraction is a very difficult thing.  "Stay still.  Don't move.  Breathe."  Really?  All those things at once?  During this horrible horrible pain?  At the very end my OB came in.  He waited until they were done putting in the epidural, then checked me.  "You ready to push?" he asked.  Suddenly the flurry of people entered the room, as happens when you are about to have a baby.  What felt like moments later our spunky little Peter was born.

I'll be honest, at the time I thought he was an ugly baby.  He was tiny (well, not overly...but comparatively).  It was a very quiet moment in the dead of night.  It was a sweet moment.  We don't have any pictures, because it happened so fast and we left the camera in the car.  Nice place for it, don't you think?

Today Peter is not ugly.  He is not tiny.  And he is definitely NOT quiet!

Baby Peter...

Toddler Peter

To start the day, we ate bagels at Panera.

Dinosaur Mom!

Peter:  Gorilla!  Gorilla!
Me:  No, that is a chimp
Peter:  NO!  Gorilla!
Me:  I'm fairly certain that is a chimp!  They look similar, but are different!
Peter:  [beginning to cry] Goooorrrrriiiiillllllllaaaaaaaa!
Me:  Ok, sure.  It is your birthday, today we will call them gorillas.
Peter: [beaming] Gorilla!

Peter: He has an ear!
Me:  Yes, amazing isn't it?

Watching the chimps...errr Gorillas.

Peter was particular excited about this one...
We saw it climb up here.

On the way to see the hippos.  He looks particular big boyish here to me.

I guess I should mention that his birthday was a beautiful day.  The high was in the mid 40s and so we went to the zoo.  I loved every minute of it.  We only got to see the 'Gorillas', elephants, giraffes and hippos.  Peter was enjoying each animal and didn't want to leave...except for the orangutans.  He didn't really like those, not even the orangutan statue.

We ran across a mom with her kids.  "I thought it was going to be warmer...keep your blanket on kids!  I don't know how long we are going to stay!"  I found this humorous.  I guess I haven't lost my appreciation for a 40-degree winter after all the 8-degree weather. 

Peter opening his presents from us.

We let Peter open his present on the actual day.  We did this with Rebekah, and enjoyed the sweet family time it brought.  It also gave the kids a chance to play with the things we got them without all the party stimulation, which I enjoyed.

Big gifts from us - hat and sunglasses.
Well - hat from us, sunglasses from Rebekah.

He also got a green umbrella and an OU piggie bank.

Birthday dinner - a la pancakes!
He has a particular love of blueberries as well!
(One of the few fruits he'll eat!)

The cake!

MMMMMmmmm yummy - my family are fans of ice cream cakes, that is for sure. 

Yep, even a candle!

If you look carefully, you'll notice the missing cookie.  Peter has his priorities, you know?  He really isn't a cake fan, but we got the ice cream cake because a) who doesn't like ice cream cake? and b) he loved the oreo truffles we made at Christmas.  Turns out, he likes this too...for a sweet I should say.  There are very few sweets he just gobbles up.

I think Peter had a pretty good birthday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day with him, and I didn't even lament to much over the big boy he has become.  Instead, I was able to appreciate it.


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