Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Randomness...adorableness, first phone call and whatever else

This is a mish mosh of stuff I found when looking up birthday pictures of Peter.  (I'm determined to post THAT in a timely fashion this year!)

I dare you to look at this and NOT laugh...

Rebekah inspired William...

This all took place at a lunch we had with some friends...
Rebekah often tells me she is married to this little boy...Ryan!

Speaking of Ryan...he is a cute little boy and we love his family dearly.  They are great people we met at the old daycare (of which I don't often speak...one of the few good things that came from that ordeal!).

Last week (or so) Ryan told his mom he wanted to call Rebekah to say goodnight.  So she gave us a ring.  Sure enough, Rebekah answered!

Rebekah told Ryan she was putting on her pajamas...and I don't recall what else.  But it was definitely a cute conversation...it made me smile!

Peter doesn't normally suck his thumb...but DOES do nearly everything his sis does!

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