Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, THAT is a miracle

I've had a pet bug for awhile.  I'd love another animal.  I'd really like another dog...but we simply do not have the space.  I can make up a million other reasons why no dog - but space is the 'real' reason.  I'm allergic to cats.  I thought about a bird or two.

As a starter, once we were settled I got a fish.  This is a great fish.  Blueberry, named by Rebekah, is a male beta.  He swims around fanned out all the time, and seems to have quite the little personality.  When you walk over to his aquarium, he swims out in the middle and faces you.  (It could be he is just a really tough fighting fish always ready for a fight, but I like to think he is coming to out to chat.)  Rebekah likes to park herself in front of Blueberry and talk with him.  Peter has recently started doing this too.  This fish is truly a family pet.

About a month or two ago, one Sunday Blueberry lost all of his color.  He was near white and wasn't really swimming.  If you have ever had a fish - then you should know that this is the end of the fish.  Fish die quickly, and there usually isn't really anything you can do about it.

I said "Uh oh..." and showed him to Rebekah.  "But Mom, I don't want Blueberry to die!" How heartbreaking!  I didn't want him to die either, for I care for all my pets.  Even the fish!  I told Rebekah "Well, we can pray for him, but that is about all we can do."

That evening at dinner, Rebekah reminded us we needed to pray for Blueberry, so we included our request with our dinner prayer.  Silently, I prayed "Dear Lord - if nothing else let this fish survive so Rebekah won't ask me why he died!"  Yes, I'm ashamed I did not have the faith this little child does.

Faith is a funny thing.  The more you know, in life, the less you have.  I guess it is a byproduct of the whole eating-the-apple-off-the-knowledge-tree thing.  But the older I get, the more I struggle with leaving things to God.  For some reason, I feel I must help Him out...and if it is beyond my power, surely it is His too.  But of course this isn't true whatsoever.  And I know this isn't true.  But for some reason, these sorts of thoughts follow me around like a lost dog that thinks you have food...they simply will not go away.

The next morning - Blueberry was alive.  The next Sunday I stood up and gave a praise report that Blueberry was still alive.  I felt a little silly for doing so, but you know, the fact that God cared enough for this silly little fish...well I had hoped it would provide encouragement to someone.  After the service, one of the little old ladies in our church came up and thanked me for sharing - as it had made her day.  (Which in turn, made mine!)

So here we are, several months later, and Blueberry is still alive.  He still swims around.  He sits on the bottom a lot more than he used too, but if you go over and say "Hello Blueberry!" he usually will perk right up and swim out to greet you.  Betas live up to 4 years, and I truly hope this amazing little fish is around that long.

I know this isn't the greatest picture - but you know, it is really hard to take a picture of a tank.  Add in grubbing fingerprints all over the glass...and well, it is tough!  But i think you can get the idea here!

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Nic said...

Miriam, that is such a touching story. Thanks for sharing.