Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Psychology 101: What do you see in THIS blob?

So I went to the doctor today...and found out...

There is a teddy bear in my belly!
(Front shot - face, belly, arms, legs)

Side shot - head on the left

I know for many this is probably shocking that there is a teddy bear in my belly...HA HA.  No really - I know there are probably many I haven't told.  BUT - I'm telling you now. :-P  I've told many people, Rebekah has told many people, and if you weren't told it was not intentional.

My official due date is Oct 14th, but William and I are hoping for a totally awesome birthday of 10/10/10.  Not only is it a binary day...BUT it is just plain a cool birthday.  :-) 

I have not been feeling very sick...that isn't to say I haven't been sick.  If I don't eat - it can be a rather vicious cycle.  I start feeling bad, then I don't really feel like eating, then I feel worse.  And if I do eat, I feel bad for awhile.  I sort of have to push through it.  It has been interesting.

I've been VERY exhausted.  I took a nap just this afternoon. ;-)  It was either that or check work email...well, surely you can see why I'd pick nap too.  At times my exhaustion has been almost debilitating...really.  I don't recall feeling this way with R and P (not this bad - I remember sometimes having trouble staying awake at my desk, but that's it).  I have lots of theories and your theories on it are probably just as good as mine.

I'm very determined to continue exercising as long as possible...but just in a few weeks I'm going to have to figure out a way to continue creatively.  I won't be able to continue with what I'm doing for very long...the doctor stressed that water aerobics are I might look into a class or something.  If I could find one with a bunch of pg women, well that would be fun.  I'm pretty determined to keep it up.  We'll see if I'm successful.

And this by the way, is the news I was trying not to blab.  So now your curiosity has been satisfied!

If you see Rebekah, you'll have to ask her whether she wants a sister or brother.  I think her answer is adorable and sweet!


Janette said...

Wow -- CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!! I guess I shouldn't get behind on my blog reading LOL!! After several of your FB posts, this thought has crossed my mind...and even on the "news you can't blab" -- I wondered if you were pg...yeah!! Soooo happy for you!!! :)

AshleyC said...

I'll officially congratulate you... YAY! (I mean, I did in person and all...but this seems more formal or something)

Anyways, they have "fit for 2" water aerobic classes at the Y. I did them when I was pg with E and did one or two during with A.