Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bringing out the sweets...

I really don't recall my dear husband being so sweet when I was pg with Rebekah and Peter.  I'm sure he was...just because I don't remember doesn't mean he wasn't!

But THIS time...he has just been incredible.

As I mentioned, the exhaustion has been kicking my butt. When I come home from work - I'm dead.  Dead to the world.  Sometimes - I have to sneak in naps over lunch just so I can function in the afternoon.  But I can't always sneak in naps at lunch.  So I come home and I'm just plain dead.

And my sweetie peatie pie will sweetly let me take about 20-30 min nap...

Today?  He let me sleep in past 8:00 AND take a huge nap.  I'd love to say I'm fully rested and rearing to go...but in reality I'm just functioning.  I said today "Why am I so tired????"  And he replied "You are busy growing a life."

Ok girls - you may all say it now..."Awwwww!"  My husband is a dear sweet man.  And I appreciate him SO much.

In other news - because I have pretty much been sleeping every second I the house isn't quite as clean as it normally is.  Laundry isn't always done...Rebekah came and told me on Thur morning all sad and puppy like..."Mommy, there are no more socks in my drawer!"  Poor thing.  I'm sure she thought she'd be in trouble for not being dressed.  I'm rather strict about getting dressed in the mornings - no horse play. 

And one cute Rebekah story for today.  The kids went out and played and were pretty cold.  So I let them have some hot cocoa.  Peter made a mess.  I cleaned it up...then Rebekah says "When Solomon dies, we will have to clean up our own messes."  Umm...yeah I guess that would be true?  HAHA!

She has been talking about death a lot lately, mostly because of the whole Easter thing.  I think it is part of her processing exactly what happened with Jesus. 

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