Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Celebrations

I tried to get a nice picture of the kids together in their nice little outfits.  Several shots later - this was the best I could get...I mean, at least they are smiling.

Unlike in this one - which I just find hilarious. It was just one of those uncooperative mornings...

And a few arguments later, and Peter had made his own addition to his outfit.  He couldn't have picked an uglier hat.  But it really ended up being funny...because Peter made it his own and with his character you can't help but laugh.  (Everyone at church was cracking up at his hat!  Or rather...Peter WITH his hat!)

It was perfect egg hunting weather. Rebekah LOVED it and it didn't take long for her to become a pro at it.

And one more try at the kids together...this one came out much better. :-)

We had a great time Easter. I had been doing children's church the Sun before Easter and Easter Sun. The Sun before, the story included this little ground hog thing that you would pop up through various holes in the story board and say "Peek a boo! I see you! Jesus is alive! Woo hoo!" Peter walked around chanting the second half of this all week, including Easter Sunday. I don't know how much the kids grasp (I know it is difficult for me to understand sometimes!), but it was heart warming to see that Easter was more about Jesus and less about a silly bunny rabbit for them. They did love their Easter baskets though. ;-) (The ones they brought for hunting actually came from my mom and were bought several years ago...recycling is GREAT!)

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