Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finally...BOY bedding!

So when we moved, we bought Rebekah strawberry shortcake bedding.  I intended to buy Peter some dinosaur bedding.  Would you is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find dino bedding?  Seriously!  I almost settled on something else...but day some bedding popped up on my Google search.  I snapped it up.  Thanks to Wal-Marts Site-To-Store, the free shipping made it even better.

It finally arrived and we took the kids to Wal-Mart.  Boy howdy did we have to wait...they really weren't in a hurry to give us our stuff.

Peter showing me his 'bored' face...

Rebekah's version...

And William's version!

They finally decided to show up and brought us our stuff.  Peter wasn't too sure of what it was at first.  So we had to explain it a few times...

It finally dawned on know after we pointed out the dinosaurs and everything!

And of course the first thing he did was open it all up and play with it.

He was so excited we pretty much had to put the bedding on tonight...without washing it.  Just the sheets though...thank goodness!  So this is FIRST big boy bedding.  He had been sleeping on lady bugs up to now...but I think he is going to really love his dinosaurs.  He does have a thing for them!

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