Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Next recipe to try...

So I read a couple food blogs.  Well one is called "Iowa Girl Eats".  I skim it and look for various ideas, but honestly haven't implemented a single one.  I guess nothing was calling my name...until she posted about "Banana softserve".

Turns out this wasn't her idea, and it lead me to another website called "Choosing Raw".  She posted a fabulous idea of taking regular plain jane bananas, freeze them (in chunks - thirds would do it) and run them through a food processor.  The frozen bananas come out with a soft-serve texture and taste a lot like banana ice cream.

I tried it out and it was AS ADVERTISED...William loved it too!  So much, I caught him cutting up bananas and throwing them in the freezer. :-P

So I went back to this site for more ideas.  I will say - I'm not vegan nor do I care to be.  I also am not an organic person.  In principle, I get the thought process.  However, in practicality it would be nearly impossible to grow organic food and make it widely available to everyone without costs going up.  And THIS  is probably why anything with an organic label has a price tag to match.  So I see the benefit of pesticides too - and I certainly don't begrudge farmers for growing food in that manner.

ANYHOO!  I don't want to start a debate or anything.  I don't even know why I typed all of that!  I was just looking for some healthy "sweet" dessert ideas...and I have found my next one I'm going to try.


I don't think I'd give this a try if it weren't for the fact that she was spot on with the bananas.  SO - I'm going to give this a time I go to the grocery store.  I like avocados and it seems I'd enjoy this too. :-)

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