Thursday, June 10, 2010

The pressure of learning

I have found myself grateful for my current predicament...the predicament of being required to eat absolutely healthy.  While I do call myself healed from this gestational diabetes, it doesn't mean that it doesn't require a commitment.  God is requiring me and stretching me and teaching me to be the best I can be.  And of course I want that too.

Today I had my first protein shake...made with bananas.  I have several recipes I intend to try...and I don't find this all that surprising that I'm trying it.  What I find surprising is that William broke it out as soon as he got home from the store.


I've seen SUCH a change in him!  Such a change!  And it makes me happy.  It used to be an uphill battle to eat healthy.  Here are a few things I've seen this week...

1) He did the grocery list...himself.  And there was not a junk food item on it.  I actually put ice cream (no sugar added of course!) and diet root beer because I've had a hankering for *I* was the unhealthy one!

2) He has been embracing new ideas.  Such as the protein shake.  When I first brought it up, he wasn't too sure.  He told me they probably had a lot of sugar (not true, not unless you put it in there)...and a few other reservations.  So the face he tried it first was pretty cool.

3)  His meal plan for the week was GREAT!  Lean meats and healthy choices.

4)  He used to make fun of me for loving one of my favorite local healthy restaurants.  Tease...but not in a mean spirited way.  However, I did wow him with the fact I have tried nearly everything on their menu.  (I have a tendency to find one thing I like and stick with it at a particular place...)   But NOW...he suggests we go there for dinner.  He told me yesterday he thought they may have put crack in their chicken salad, because he craves it now. 

I'm telling you - this is absolutely amazing to me.  And I'm enjoying if I could juuuuust get him to exercise... :-P  That of course will have to be a decision he makes on his own.

Something else I've noticed...a change in myself.  Because of the things God is requiring of me...I've been working harder at finding new foods to eat that are healthy.  I've come across a few blogs, so that helps.  I also have a built-in health meter.  Foods that are high in carbohydrates or grease make my blood sugar go up.  Food high in fiber and protein don't.  NOW...there are certainly things I could eat (like no-sugar added ice cream) that aren't healthy and don't make my blood sugar go up.  BUT I haven't been finding too much appeal in them lately other than the occasional treat.  This is quite the brain change for me - Ms. Sugar-a-holic.

It is just amazing to change in thought process.  I don't feel deprived, although I dream about Freddy's Ice Cream and chocolate fondu now and again.  I also miss my Starbucks...but now that I have said that I haven't had a hankering in a few weeks now.

I hope this sticks. :-)

And I feel a special bond with this baby...I can't really explain it.  My life is changing for this wee little one even before s/he makes an appearance.  Sure - each kid changes your life...but I'm having to make huge life style eating changes (I love food!) for this kid. 

I have more thoughts on this, but they aren't express-able.  I simply can't put them into words and do them I won't. :-P

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