Friday, June 11, 2010

Sub-saga part II

There is a sub shop next door.  I've mentioned it before...well this week I had cabin fever and NO lunch plans.  So I decided to take a little walk across the street and grab a sandwich.  I enjoy the walk (not too close but not too far!!!) and I enjoy the convenient ability to leave the building and eat.  It is located right next door to where I work (basically), so no crossing of the crazy busy road out front.  (Lots of eat places there...but I would rather DRIVE than risk my life walking across the street!)

Since my meal plans were to go, it was easy to skip the drink this time...I keep water at my desk anyway.  Of course I didn't bother with the chips.

I got the typical half-Cheesy Crab (made with Surimi crab...) that I normally get.  2 hrs later, blood sugar was 122.  That is two points too high.  I actually like to see my numbers in the 90s or lower after I eat...makes me feel better. :-)

So now I know that the sandwich is OUT OUT OUT.  They have other options (wraps) that I can try, but I must admit I'm a little bummed and I'm wondering what the HECK is in that sandwich that is so bad?  Wheat bread?  Cheese?  Lettuce?  Tomato?  I think it has some mayo?  Maybe it is the surimi itself? Being that it is fake crab, it is entirely possible it has high fat or something.  I don't just don't know!

But I will listen to my body and no longer eat this food - which for all intents and purposes does have a healthy appearance.  This goes to show you that looks can be so deceiving, at least for someone like me who is still learning about healthy eating..  This sandwich is my favorite thing at this particular sub unless I can find something else (wrap or otherwise) I like just as well, it may be time to part with this conveniently located eatery.

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