Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things to remember about tonight...

I had a great evening.  GREAT!  Well - except bedtime.  But let's not go there. ;-)

- At dinner, while eating tacos (yes, I went all out haha) Rebekah says "Ahhhh...this is the life!  Isn't it mom?"
- Peter begging to play in the sprinklers, then once we get out there saying "I can't go over there...I'll get WET!"
- Peter putting water in his mouth and walking over to my flowers and individually spitting on them.
- Rebekah pulling weeds out of the grass.  When I ask her to stop she says "It is my soccer ball's shampoo!"
- Both kids laying in a puddle on the drive way...Rebekah looks at Peter and says "This is the life...isn't it bud?"
- Peter again putting water in his mouth, then attempting to spit it straight up to hit the leaves above his head...only to get his face.

We had a GREAT time...and totally blew by bedtime accidentally.  But hey - need to live every once in awhile and who wants to spoil a perfect evening?

Later while Peter was in the bath, I was painting Rebekah's nails.  I hadn't done so in a very long time, and she had been begging me too.  Peter then got OUT of the tub and said he wanted HIS  painted too.  Have I mentioned how stubborn he is?  So I thought "Ok, I'll put clear polish on him..."  Yeah - he's smart too.  Noooo - didn't want clear.  He wanted PINK.  Oi...I hope William doesn't get mad when he sees it. :-)

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