Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Try new things...go for it

Or maybe old things?  I'm terrible with plants.  TERRIBLE.  My mom has a greeny green thumb and can make anything grow.  I on the other hand...well...I can't.  It isn't for a lack of trying.  If you recall, I attempted a plant experiment with the kids last year.

My favorite story to tell regarding plant growing...a coworker of mine moved into a cube next to mine.  He had this plant that he had had forever.  He had it in the harsh environment of the labs (extreme temps), a different cube he had sat in...all over.  It thrived.

Until he moved in next to me...

Within 2 weeks the plant was almost dead.  He took it home, and he said it came back to life.  I believe him.

Anyway, funny plant-death-stories aside, I still try.  I guess I look at these plants growing everywhere, and can't help but think that ONE DAY something I've planted will live.  ONE DAY!

A friend of mine and I were chatting about plants.  She was talking about some sort of plant that she planted and ended up growing way too many.  So she dug some up and brought them in for me.  She assures me they just need water...we'll see.  So begins the Great Plant Experiment - 2010 edition.

I started with my front planter.  We pulled weeds, tilled it up.  Here's me planting the plants...

We threw down some mulch to make it look nice.  Finished product:

This took a few hours...but not too bad.  We have another planter in the back..but it is in way worse shape and will take more than a few hours to get cleaned up.  I think our neighbor was thrilled we were doing something with the front yard.  She is trying to sell her half.

Time will tell whether they take, and whether my friend was right that they just need water!  :-)  Incidentally - I also plan on planting some seeds in pots with the kids this weekend.  So keep your eyes peeled for that.  I'm quite sure I'll end up with two dirty children having a blast...anyone want to wager how many times I get onto Peter for throwing dirt?  Personally, I think it will be too many to count!

Oh - and here are some flowers I have kept alive for about a month. ;-)  Rebekah got them for me for mother's day! Peter got me some too - I just forgot to take a picture of them.  I do like them, but these have remained so pretty for so long...she did great picking them out.  Apparently they are "mom proof"!  At least for now!

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