Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Princesses and bling

The other day we were in Wal-Mart, checking out.  I had the kids, William was paying.  Rebekah was wearing her Easter dress (which she LOVES).  It is pink, has little flowers and is long and flowing.

A lady (Wal-Mart employee) stopped and admired Rebekak's dress.  "Ohhh it is so pretty!"  Rebekah smiled and I reminded her to say thank-you.  Then the lady said "You look like a princess!  Are you a princess?"  Again Rebekah smiled and nodded that she was, in fact, a princess.

Peter was sitting in the cart observing this lady oooo and awww over Rebekah's clothing.  His little face lights up and he says "Hey!  I'm a princess!"

The lady looks up and looks Peter over...then pauses.  I have no idea what she was thinking.  I just stood there and smiled.  Really...what CAN a Mom do when her son is declaring himself like that?  The lady finally said "You look like a very handsome prince!" and hurried off like there was no tomorrow.

Oh my dear son...I do have to admit I find it funny when he freaks people out with his girlie interests.  I know they are passing and hope someday he finds them as entertaining as I do and isn't horrified by them.

The next day Peter was playing with some jewelry (really people - he DOES have boy toys and plays with those things!).  Rebekah kept declaring he looked like a girl.  A day or two later we were in the car and she was again lamenting how boys who wear jewelry look like girls.  I told her that some boys do in fact wear jewelry...and that they often will call it "bling".  (Yep - I know ALL the street language! ;-))  I also told her that Peter was so interested in her things because he simply loves her and loves anything she is interested in.  She beamed.  It always makes her happy to hear her little brother loves her.

Rebekah declared "Mr. Victor has earrings.  I think he looks like a girl.  I haven't said this to him though, because that wouldn't be very nice."  So then I told her I was proud of her for not saying anything, and did confirm that we don't necessarily need to share every thought we have.

Mr. Victor is one of her teachers, a young fella just starting college.  I contemplated asking him if he knew that he looked like a girl (per my little pre-schooler), but decided to keep my dear daughter's secret.

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