Friday, July 23, 2010

Boy or girl?

We don't find out whether our kids are boys or girls before the day of delivery.  For us, it is a fun surprise.  For me, it is fun to play the guessing games.  So I thought I'd make some guesses based on my experiences with my previous two and some old wives tales!

Tale #1:  Your morning sickness will be opposite with each sex (example: if you had a lot, and have a girl and the next time not as is probably a boy.)

Experience:  This was true with Rebekah and Peter.  With Rebekah, I had 1 day where I threw up.  I ate a tuna it may have just been the food! :-P  BUT I pretty much never felt sick as long as I ate breakfast.  (A few times I skipped I had some close calls.)  I was also taking Metformin at the time, which can also cause nausea if you take it without food.  So...ya know...hard to say whether it was the medicine or the pregnancy. 

With Peter, I had 5 days where every evening I would get motion sickness. I couldn't hardly ride in a car.  I had thought "WOW!  If this is what women go through normally...NO WONDER they dislike morning sickness so much!"  I wouldn't have wished it on anyone.  It lasted pretty much all evening and started around 3:00 PM.  I threw up once, but it really had to do with me brushing my teeth and choking myself up.  Whoops.

With Baby Bean, I would start feeling pretty bad if I didn't eat.  It wasn't a "Oh I'm going to throw up" sort of sensation like with Rebekah, but more so a general BLAH feeling.  Eating always took care of it, although sometimes I did feel sick for a period of time after eating.  I threw up twice...hmm, maybe just once.  Once for sure, but I thought it was twice.  (I can't recall the other time.)  Neither time was associated with eat at all.  Once I was just taking a shower for goodness sakes. 

So I'm not really sure how to classify this.  I'm inclined to think it is more like what I felt with Rebekah, as with Peter it was everyday for 5 days.  (I had actually thought something was wrong with me and was thinking of going to the doctor, until a friend who knew I was pg pointed out that...well...I AM pg! LOL)  So based on this, I'd say hermaphrodite.  Just kidding...we'll say GIRL...

Tale #2:  Girls have higher heart rates than boys.

Experience:  I can't recall what Rebekah's heart rate was.  I do seem to recall 150s or 160s...something like that.  Seems like one of William's coworkers told him girls had higher heart rates because they were more excitable... ;-)  For Peter, it was definitely in the 140s. 

Baby Bean's heart rate was 144 at my last this would appear to point to a BOY...

Tale #3:  Boys have bigger movements are move more than girls.

Experience:  This would have been true of my kids.  Rebekah was mellow even in the womb.  I'd feel sweet little kicks...and sometimes they were far enough apart for me to consider going to the hospital.  (The little booger would move the few times I was considering it...LOL  Thank goodness!)

Peter...well I understood why some women couldn't sleep for the baby kicks with him.  Geez...he even kicked off the baby monitor a few times when I was having my weekly NST's.  Booger.

Baby Bean is pretty mellow...based on this, I'd say GIRL. know, I think this is closer to personality of the baby than whether girl or boy. My mom said I was the kid who would keep her up at night kicking...and umm...well, I was a rather active and curious child. ;-)  Peter and I are a lot alike personality wise.  SOOOooo...I think this is indicative that Baby Bean will be a mellow baby more than whether Baby Bean is a boy or girl. current guess on this baby is BOY.  I'm guessing boy because I did with the other two.  Might as well stick with what you know. ;-) 

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