Monday, August 30, 2010

A peek into the past

Today on a whim I looked to see what I was writing this time last year.  Turns out, there was a post dated 8/29/2010...just a year yesterday.

It happened to be some thoughts on my moving. 

The reflection is amazing...I wondered (basically) what I would think of my new place and if I would continuously be looking back.  So I thought it only fitting to mentioned where we are at now.

We have completed 2.5 of the rooms in our house.  The projects have included painting the kids room, painting our room, putting up crown molding in our room, changing out light fixtures throughout the house and William just started remodeling the downstairs bathroom.  He's about half done.

I wish we were further along, but at the same time, I see that how much of the debt we have paid off.  We were down 25% overall debt, but added some due to the purchase of our new-to-us car.  Still, that is pretty awesome in a one year time frame with all the remodels we have done (and the fact we had a super huge tax bill this year)!  We are hoping to get the upstairs bathroom done before Christmas...I think.  And over the next year I expect to finish the remodels and pay off more than 25%.  (Paying things off gives us the ability to pay more at a time...)

I rarely think about the old house.  The only time I thought about it is when we took a trip to visit our old neighbor for trick or treating.  I jokingly refer to the family who bought our house as the Babylonians (because God often sent Babylonians to war against Israel when they were being naughty...carrying the Israelites and their property off).  And I don't particularly care to hear about changes they have made (i.e. ripping out a bunch of bushes).  BUT - that all has nothing to do with the house itself and everything to do with my perception of their behavior.

I did miss the house some this summer on gorgeous days...or when it is raining or snowing or something.  Can't beat the view at our old house.  But it is more of a "Wish I could have that view out my window now..." and not so much a "I really want to move back to THAT house!"

In all honesty - while the old house does get some thought it doesn't get much.  It certainly doesn't get as much as I thought it might.  I'm certain this is because we are in such a GOOD place right now.  We are working towards being debt free (YAY!), William is at peace with our finances (FINALLY!), I still can't get over the 5 minute trips is just generally really good.

Do I want to live here forever?  Umm no.  But it is serving a purpose and I'm still so very excited to see what God has for us next.  Even if He chooses to have us stay here longer than our thing I have learned is that His plan is always way better.  I will choose HIS plan over MY plan any day.

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