Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bring your kid to work day

My company had a "Bring your child to work" day.  This is a big to-do and they have all sorts of activities all day long for the kids.

This was the first year any of my kids participated, as they were just now old enough.  The program is from Kindergarten through high school.  I'm honestly not sure how many high schoolers participate...

The morning started with a pancake breakfast.  Rebekah LOVES pancakes.  The company contracted to cook them would flip them onto your plate and the lady was absolutely hilarious.  There was also a "tail" near the sausage pan, and the workers would make it wiggle as the kids passed by.  They told them the sausage was only half cooked.  ;-) 

They even had sugar-free syrup. :-)

There was also a presentation telling the kids what we do...as best as can be explained.  ;-)
I hate this picture...my hair!  I'm so glad it has been FIXED by Ashley!

The kids then went on a tour around the building, with stops at the different areas.  Each area gave a presentation and told the kids about what they did.  Some areas had hands-on things the kids could play with.

My boss giving a tour - Rebekah is the one with the backpack.
(She insisted she needed one...it contained a doll and blanket. LOL)

Rebekah's group - not sure what they are touring here.
(I didn't go on the tour as I had some work to do.)

The kids then spent some time with us parents.  I took Rebekah back and let her hang out in my area.  She met my coworkers (some of which were excited to meet her :-)) and played.  At the time, I was working in a room with some folks, so she could simply horse around and play without annoying anyone else.

She was tickled pink I let her erase stuff as well as 
draw whatever she wanted on our white board.

And this chair was great fun to spin in.  
I never knew these chairs were so much fun!

We then went to lunch.  William met us for lunch this day, just as a little something else special for Rebekah.  (It isn't often she gets to hang out with us without Peter.)

After lunch, the Bubble Man made an appearance.  He is pretty neat to watch.  He does all sorts of things with bubbles - and makes some rather huge ones.

Here - the parents really shined.  I mean this very sarcastically.  The kids were so rude and the parents did nothing.  There were kids that pushed Rebekah out of the way to see.  There were kids that would run up and pop the bubbles while the bubble man was trying to do his thing.  I was really appalled at the lack of parental responsibility.  There was one boy who was bothering another little girl (touching her hair etc) that was Rebekah's age.  The boy was 11 or 12. 

Rebekah got bored and requested to leave.  Bored - or maybe she was tired of all the bad behavior.  I'm not really sure.  I was more than willing to go.  We've seen his show before. :-)  I took her around to a few more coworkers.  One of Rebekah's favorite happened to keep candy at her desk.  Can you guess WHY that was Rebekah's favorite?  She happens to be very sweet too. :-P  I love working with her.

There were so many activities that Rebekah never took a nap.  There were actually more that she didn't do.  They had a car race (build your own race car out of veggies - the kids then raced them) and a guitar hero tournament.  She was thoroughly exhausted though.  I asked her as we were leaving if she was tired and she told me no.  I believed her because she was rather chipper. 

Yeah - she was out before I left the parking lot.

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