Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stating the obvious

So - I love good pregnancy stories.  Today as I was leaving, a coworker commented on my hair.  "Nice curls!" she exclaimed.  I smiled and said thank you.

Now - this particular coworker has commented on my weight loss etc before.  I don't really mind.  She does it in good spirit.  I don't work closely with her and have never worked on actual work with her.  I know her through some work committees from long ago.  I smile in passing in the hallway with a "hi" thrown in here and there.

So as we were walking out today she then said "Now we just have to do  something about those baggy clothes!"  I looked at her, amazed at her boldness and replied "You DO know I'm 36 weeks pregnant?  Right?"

The look on people's faces when they realize they have inserted their foot is amazing really.  She said "But your face is so thin!  That baby must be lypo-suctioning you!"  I smiled politely and thanked her for the  compliment.

Ummm...ok.  I told William this and he said "Yeah, but you don't wear clothes on your face!"  Very good point.

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