Thursday, September 16, 2010

The C-word

I have had two surgeries in my life.  One I had my wisdom teeth pulled.  They were impacted, so it was more than a simple pull.  The second, I had my ACL in my left knee repaired.

Both surgeries I was knocked out.  Both surgeries I had a terrible time waking up.  Both surgeries I was just plain miserable afterwards.

So...I'm not fond of surgery.  Another thing I'm NOT fond of are hospitals.  I could. not. wait. to get out of the hospital with Peter!  I felt like a prisoner being tortured to death.  (Isn't that what they do to prisoners?  Disrupt their sleep and feed them bad food??)

Yesterday at my OB appointment, the doctor mentioned that the baby is still breech.  4 weeks ago the U/S technician pointed out that the baby was breech.  Pretty much, baby is still in the same position.  I thought he may have moved at one point, because I had some rather large movements.  I don't know if he couldn't get into position or maybe changed his mind.

Doc has said if baby isn't moved in the next 2 weeks, he would like to consider moving the baby manually (in the hospital).  If baby doesn't move, it will mean a c-section.

I don't want a c-section.  A c-section is the combination of all the above things I hate the most about would be a longer hospital stay AND major surgery.  I wouldn't be knocked out, so that is a bonus.  But all the rest of the misery I'm sure would be there.  I know women do it all the time, but it doesn't really matter when it is YOU.  Know what I mean?

At this point I'm so grateful for all the people praying for me and my church family.  They are right there praying with me side by side that this little booger will move.  Yesterday, combined with serious exhaustion and this news, I was in a bit of a panicked state.  Today, especially after my quiet time this morning, I have more peace.  I know God will be there with me no matter what.  He knows my feelings on it all.  He also knows what is best.  So, I'm going to pray (hey, think of it like a begging child!) for NO SURGERY and trust that either way it will all be fine.

Of course, that isn't stopping me from doing what I can to convince this baby to move!!!  Including some suggestions from doc as well as reading over things from!  And of course...PRAYING!

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Rebecca said...

I DO know exactly what you mean! Judah was breech from 32 weeks til the morning of his birth. I'm convinced he flipped on the way to the hospital because two days before he had not. Hang in there...I will KEEP praying that your little one will turn!! I'm so glad that God has given you peace about the situation!!