Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The things in your head

There is a book that Peter adores. "My Truck is Stuck" by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk is one of his FAVORITES to read and so we read it regularly.  (Poor book - it is showing the signs of this love too!)  When I read it, I tend to read it kind of sing-songy.  William teases me about this sometimes, but the kids love it.

The sing songish book has been stuck in my head lately...errrr, I should say a version of it.  The first few lines read:
Big truck comin',
Down the road!
Big truck haulin',
A great big load!
Round and round the wheels they roll,
Round and round...into a HOLE!
That was from memory by the way...

Anyway!  My version goes something like this...
Big belly comin',
Down the road!
Big belly haulin',
A great big load!
Up and down the belly goes!
Up and down...into a HOLE!
It comes to mind when I'm getting out of the couch or if I've stood up after sitting for a long period of time and I'm getting going.  I sometimes read the book this way when the kids ask me to read it...and of course they think it is hilarious and shout "NOOOO!  That isn't how it goes!"

Fun times!

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