Thursday, September 9, 2010

Doctor's appts and crazy coworkers

I have several stories to share, and they are all going to be wrapped up in one post.  I'm lazy like that. :-)

Today I went to the cafeteria for a refill on water.  A coworker stopped me in the hall and said "Your hair!  I like it!  It looks different!  Did you do something different?"  Smugly I said "No...nothing different."  He was certainly puzzled by this point and then says "Did you just get back from leave?"  (He meant my maternity leave!!!)

I just looked at him, pointed at my protruding belly (I was even wearing a shirt that just SCREAMS that I'm pregnant!) and said "I haven't even left yet."  He quickly back tracked and asked when I was due, and I told him mid-Oct.  Then I confirmed that I in fact did get a hair cut.  Yeah - I let him off easy!

It certainly was fun making him squirm! :-)  A perk of working with men.  I'm surprised he noticed my hair at all.  It was the highlight of my afternoon.

Yesterday I had two doctor appointments.  First was the start of my weekly NST appointments.  They first record the baby's hearbeat for 20 min.  I actually snoozed during this.  The nurse says "Did you have a nice nap?"  Umm...yeah.  Thanks.  Whoops.  :-)  (What can I say?  My dog has a scratching problem right now and he is keeping me up at night!  Vet appt finally tomorrow...where we will get his allergy meds.  He has this issue EVERY year.)  Anyway, the baby did just what s/he needed and that went perfectly. They are looking for a certain amount of heart rate changes.

The second half of the NST is a U/S where they measure amniotic fluid (perfect) and watch baby movements.  How cool is that?  I get to watch my baby squirm around for a few minutes EVERY week?  :-)  Well this time I got to see baby wave her hand a bit.  She open and closed her fist.  I got to see her toes.  It was beautiful.  The only thing missing was William (who had a meeting scheduled over the appointment he had to attend...he was quite disappointed!)  And please note my use of she does not indicate gender!

I love these appointments.

The next appointment I had was the diabetic appointment.  I knew it was going to be fine.  All my numbers had been perfect except for one.  The NP (nurse practitioner) asked me how often the OB was seeing me.  I told her weekly.  She started to say she would like to see me next week.  I asked that since my numbers had been so great, could we go 2 weeks instead.  She replied "Well, you are on insulin right?"

I told her "NOPE!"  NP was in complete shock and looked at my chart.  She replied "I have no explanation for why your numbers are SO low!"  I smiled cheerfully at her, as I know exactly why my numbers are low.  God keeps His promises.  I thought carefully about telling her why my numbers were low, but chose not too.  It didn't feel right.  But - this is certainly something I'm going to pray over for next time.

In the end - I don't have to go back for 2 weeks (YAY!).  The less appointments, THE BETTER.  I'd rather not go at all.  The only reason I do is they make it so easy for me when they download the numbers and calculate the averages automatically. ;-)  It also keeps me accountable in my eating habits.

So there you have little miracle is stumping the medical professionals.  Can't get much better than than (and confirmation that it definitely IS a miracle!).  And let me testify...God is definitely involved.  My part is to be obedient.  Eat correctly and smartly.  When I don't do this, it is pretty obvious.  My numbers ARE high and I feel sick.  (If not exactly at that moment, then I end up with a 'hang over' of sorts the next morning.  It can take me a day or so to get back to normal.) 

And even though I have lived this, sometimes when I stop to think about it I'm in complete aw God is doing this.  I don't know why He has chosen to bless me like this.  I just know that my original goal was to wait 20 weeks before I had to start with insulin.  And here I am...4 weeks away from giving birth to this child.

Four weeks.


Rebecca said...

That is SO awesome! I LOVE hearing the miraculous work that God is doing. I can't wait to see him/her! :)

Miriam said...

He is!! I am completely in aw with what He has been doing. And I'm definitely looking forward to meeting this baby! :-)