Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tid bits

I have a few tid bits of conversations I want to note down before I forget. (I tend to forget them rather quickly these days!)

First...this morning when discussing what to do for the day for Rebekah's big birthday day off, she suggested we go to Build-a-Bear. She at first said she wanted to get Peter an animal. I said "Do you REALLY want to get Peter an animal?" She smiled and said "How about I make one for me? Then I can surprise myself with it?"

I'm thinking she has the birthday thing down.

And later that day, I was in the bathroom. She came running in and said "Mommy! I know your secret!" I asked her what secret, and she said "I know where my PRESENTS ARE! I found them in the closet!" (I had shoved them in there that morning, knowing she would want to open them...but we didn't really have time to do it.) Good thing they were wrapped. ;-)

And here is a Peter story.

This evening the kids were cuddled up on the couch with me while William ran out to get dinner. The baby was kicking, and I showed Peter so he could feel it. Of course, the baby stopped. ;-) Isn't that always the way? Then we started chatting about the baby. Peter told me my belly was warm. I said "Well, baby bean is cooking in there!" A look of horror came across his face and he said "I don't want Baby Bean to cook!" I tried explaining that it was an expression, and just meant baby bean was growing. He would have none of it. His look of horror soon turned into upset...and so I had to simply take it back. It was precious really, his concern for this little baby!

Then Peter asked me if Baby Bean would say "Hi" to them. I explained that babies don't know their words yet, and mostly just cry. Again, he became upset. "I don't want Baby Bean to cry!" I explained this was how Baby Bean communicated. So then I turned on an episode of Super Why! where Whyatt is trying to figure out what Baby Joy needs, because she just cries. It helped.

Both kids have been hugging and kissing my belly. I think they are pretty excited to meet Baby Bean. They also have been making comments about my rather large middle. This evening when I said I couldn't eat pizza, Peter replied "Because your fat?" Yep, gonna have to work with that boy on talking to women.

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