Friday, November 5, 2010


Lounging - Ruth is just shy of 2 wks old here.
William took this.  I was sitting there, thinking of how perfect life was...enjoying being surrounded by my kids.  I wondered if life could get better than THAT?
Nope...I don't think it can.

Actually, on the way home from the pumpkin patch I looked in the car lane next to us.  A young girl was driving her sporty little car jamming to some music.  She looked to be about 19 and was clearly enjoying her freedom.  I remembered my care free days, and ever so briefly I thought "How nice to be her!  I wish I had that freedom again!"

Then I looked behind me and saw Rebekah and Peter conked out in the car. I looked next to me and saw Ruth conked out in the car.  I thought about how much joy the kids bring and how much I love them.

Sure - no responsibility is great.  BUT only with responsibility do you get rewards.  And I am very rewarded.  I wouldn't trade my little life for anything.  Well - not today.  And not really for the past month.  Come back and talk to me when I return to work in January.  I might have a different tune then.  ;-)

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