Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Festivities: Walter's Pumpkin Patch, Carving Pumpkins and TOTing

Of course the biggest event in Oct was the arrival of our little Ruth. But...we did a few other things too.

We went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch.  This is our 4th year and we love it every time. Somehow, I forgot my seriously.  HOW you may ask?  Since I keep my camera in my purse?  Well...I had the diaper bag.  And I knew I wouldn't need my purse, so I brought my phone and that was it.  Good thing my phone has a camera.  I think it did a decent job.

A great picture of Ruth's chicken legs!

You can't tell from the picture because it is so far away (the best one I had...I got a perfect shot, but it turned out to be another kid lol)...but Peter LOVED this slide.  Loved it.  He loved it so much he'd go up by himself actually, carrying the sled and all.  At one point William came down and said "Where's Peter?".  I said "He ran back up!" and here he came...shooting out the slide again.  I hung out at the bottom and William mostly hung out at the top. 

Rebekah enjoyed the slide too...but not quite as much as Peter.  I've never seen him so eager before.

Ruth had lots of comments on how adorable she was (and she is of course :-)).  One lady asked me how old she was.  I said "a week and a half".  The lady look at me like I was some kind of crazy.  It was funny actually.  I should have whipped out my camera phone and took a picture. :-P

Our timing was off and we didn't get there until 11:30.  We tried, honestly, to get there earlier.  We did.  We also went during the week - not something we will do again.  It is way better on the weekend, when everything is open.  (None of the extras was running - like the pumpkin cannon.)  AND the tractor was to the patch itself only ran every 30 min.  We missed it by about 45 seconds at the end of the day.  So we actually just bought the kids a couple of pumpkins from the store and skipped the actual patch.  It was for sanity sake.

The kids still had fun picking them out (even though it was WalMart) and we still carved them.  Well...William did.  The kids did help.

And of course we took the kids trick or treating.

Peter is Spider-man and Rebekah is a Southern Bell.

And this is what I get when I say "Smile!"

William took them to a large local church for a "trunk or treat".  He thought it would be easier.  While our neighborhood isn't "the hood", he just didn't feel comfortable taking the kids in ours.  The kids had a blast.  Peter told me "there were lots of strangers" and Rebekah loved all the candy she got (and the fact we let her eat as much as she wanted when she got home).  

Ruth and I stayed home and gave out candy.  

And that concludes the October festivities.  Bring on November!

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