Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall School Pics - 2010

I'm on a blogging roll.  Everyone is going to think I just sit around blogging all day. ;-)  I just need some bon bons and I'm all set!

School pics came home today.  I love 'em.  I love this company - we've gotten nothing but great results.  (Rebekah's hair came out a little 50's-ish, but I think it worked with her least I liked it.)


Janette said...

WOW!!! I love these pics and I agree you have had great luck with this photographer! Who is it??? Love the background too...and the kids' clothes really blended nicely!! Did you know what the background was prior to picking their clothes?? :)

Janette said...

Oh and yes -- you are making the rest of us look bad!! I have 2 older kids...who are in school all day...and umm I finally got one post on my blog today! Sad I know...maybe you could share the bon bons?? :)

Miriam said...

The photographer is GS Memory Maker. They suggest fall colors for the fall pictures. In the spring, they suggest spring colors. I had wondered if Rebekah's dress would work...LOL

I'd be happy to share my bon bons! :-P

Janette said...

Ohh yes -- they did my boys' preschool pics as well and I loved all of them!! I have some neat shots and backgrounds...wish they would do the school pics - HA!! :)