Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Belated Blogversary

I totally missed a milestone!  Probably because I was preoccupied with the impending birth of Ruth...but basically this blog was started 2 yrs ago on Oct. 6th.

The blog was created after my dog very suddenly passed away.  I felt a deep loss over her passing and I felt a need to share it.  I love my blog.  It is a place where I can dump most thoughts (keeping in mind it is a public forum!) in a written form.  (I like journal-ling, but I write too slow and prefer to type!)  I had thought about blogging for awhile before the passing of my dog, but I couldn't think of a name that wasn't taken.  I guess that was just what I needed for inspiration of a name.

The first post is here.

I had kept a bit of a baby blog previously, but the only people who looked at it were William's parents.  Consequently I had begun to think of that site as for them...and so it died.  Not because I didn't want to share pictures with them etc, but simply because I was the only one who did anything with it.  :-)  And it wasn't for me.  And (right or wrong) I had felt William should be the ones keeping his parents happy with pictures and news.  (I have been labeled as rebellious over the years - and hate doing things out of obligation.  There is very little I'll do simply because I'm obligated...and if I feel like that is the only reason I'm doing it more times than not I'll stop.  Character flaw.  And since we are on the subject - I also hate being told what to do.  The quickest way to get me to not do something is to tell me I have to do it. :-)) 

I did transfer everything from the old site for posterity sake.  There were a few memories etc there that I didn't want to loose.  They can be found with the label of "babababies".

My blog has taken on a life of its own.  I enjoy bragging on my kids, but the blog is more than that because I am more than my kids.  You can usually tell what I'm focused on just by reading whatever I am writing about.  Sometimes a blog post will float around in my head for days before I actually write it. I've even pondered the ability to be able to post directly from my mind.  (I've decided that isn't a good idea, and will have to share that debate some other time! :-))  I have absolutely no regrets starting this blog or keeping it.

Not even when I had a small snafu when someone was offended over something I wrote.  It just made me think a bit more about how to word things...but in the end if offense must be taken then it must.  I do stay away from private family matters, but everything else is fair game! 

The thing that has surprised me the most is who is reading my blog.  I have been surprised many times by who is is fun to hear stories or comments.  They surprise me every time.

So - happy belated 2 year anniversary dear blog.  May you keep on ticking and may you continue to provide amusement, history and therapy for me.


Janette said...

*taking mental notes for when needing to ask Miriam to do something church relate -- make it her idea and don't tell her what to do...and don't make her feel obligated to do it" HAHAHA!!!

I love your blog..I love that you talk a little about everything...not just kids, but also your walk with the Lord, etc. I should do more "journaling" like that...but I find I'm just tired and often times posting stuff on my blog when I find a few min...hmm and out of obligation for my readers haha! I can't seem to always keep up with my blog AND facebook and I prefer facebook...but I'm trying to do better. Speaking of -- I better go do a new post on my blog. I'm a bit behind with things I could post about! :)

Miriam said...

I am a writer at heart and enjoy writing in general. That probably helps. :-)

My favorite subject to write about is God. I like writing down the practical ideas surrounding Him. There is so much is hard to apply it all sometimes without taking notes! (My blog entries being notes for me!)

Facebook is great for glimpses into everyday life...but you can't get in depth thoughts out there. Well...I guess you could in the "Notes" area...but I never think of/use that. :-)