Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some more pictures...

Here are a few more pictures of Ruth at home. :-)  They didn't quite fit in her birth story anywhere, but I like them so I'm throwing them up.

Since no pic of me in the hospital, I had William 
take one after we got home (the next day).

Full head of hair and no eyebrows...

Rebekah making a "platypus face" and wearing the watch Ruth gave her.

I think Ruth has long toes, and it is fun to play with them.

And two more nuggets I forgot to include.  Just after we got home, Peter exclaimed "I can kiss Baby Bean but NOT hit her!"  Yep, so glad we got that straightened out there son.  (He said this out of the blue.)

And, within the first 24 hours Ruth pooped 7 times.  She has definitely been a master at dirtying that diaper from the get go.  While the other kids did poop, it wasn't quite that frequent so early! :-)

And now I'm going to go take a nap. :-P  Or not...since Ruth just woke up. HAHA!

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