Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wrestling and bowling - not at the same time

Something we do at home as a reward/discipline system is marble jars.  There are lines on the jars and the kids earn a treasure box item for the lines.  When they fill up their jar, they get a big prize.  Last time we went to Chuck E Cheese.  This time they chose bowling.  So off we went.

Everyone bowled except me.  I held Ruth...I'm not a huge bowling fan anyway.

Peter's ball went sooooooo slow, I frequently wondered if it would just plain stop in the middle of the lane.

We also went ahead and ate lunch there...which the kids thought was GREAT.  See the pager?  Pizza shaped...which I thought was cute.

Ruth hanging out in the Moby Wrap.

(I love this picture...great smiles!)

Later - I was hanging out in the living room with Ruth.  She was awake, and when awake I like to try to get her in the floor for tummy time.  She got fussy so I sat her up.  Rebekah came in and laid on top of me and started talking to Ruth.  It wasn't long before Peter got in on the action.

Ruth just starred at them like they were crazy.
They are...but hey it's great entertainment.

William doesn't often grab the camera.  So I guess when he does, it is worthy of throwing up on the ol' blog. :-)

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