Sunday, November 14, 2010

William's Job Stability

When we sit down to dinner at home (which is most nights), I usually ask the kids about their days.  I don't usually do this on the weekends (I sorta already know) or when we go out to eat.

I ask about their favorite part of their day, their least favorite, what they learned...etc etc.  Often times I also ask William about his day.  I didn't at first, but the kids have insisted I ask him enough times that I just usually ask now.

One evening last week, I asked William how his day went.  Peter piped up and said "Did you get FIRED?"

We both just starred...then laughed.  William told Peter that no, he did not get fired.  Peter said "Oh, ok!"

And no - we have no idea where this came from.  I don't even know if Peter knows what being fired means.  But it is good to know he has such confidence in his father's ability to hold a job.  ;-)

Another cute thing Peter has taken to saying is "SAY WHAT?!?!?" whenever we tell him anything.  This must be experienced for appropriate appreciation - I must get video.  He even has an exaggerated surprised look to go along with it.  This response comes no matter what is being said.  It can be as simple as telling Peter what we are having for dinner.

Lastly - Peter found his watch this weekend.  He has been wearing it regularly ever since.  (It was grounded 'found' might not be the right verb...the kids just got a bunch of toys back after being taken away 3 weeks ago for refusing to clean their room.)  After naptime yesterday after we had gone bowling, he walked up to me and said "Mom, my watch says 15 minutes until it is time to go bowling."

I told him his watch was off.  Today he told me it was 15 minutes until it was time to go to visit Grandma and Papa.  (He worded it as "Mom, my watch says it is 15 min until it is time to go to [insert state name here]!")  They live 5 hrs away.  Nope, sorry...not time for that either.  And he also was telling me today he wanted to go to [name of state]'s house.  I kept trying to tell him that the house belonged to Grandma and Papa and was in the state, and not vice versa.  States are such tricky things to understand!  It doesn't help that we refer to the state when we are making the trip.  I have no idea why - we just do.  Probably because we never visit anywhere else in that state?

I'd really like a watch that tells me it is 15 minutes until it is time for whatever activity I'd enjoy doing.  I think everyone needs one.

And I found a lost unfinished blog post.  I posted it and back dated it.  It had to do with Bring your Child to Work day at work.  Rebekah had a blast!

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