Friday, December 17, 2010

Peter's Christmas Party

This year for the Christmas Party at school, I chose to attend Peter's. When the kids first were both at the same school, I tried to attend both parties, bouncing back and forth.  This time, I decided I was going to attend just one.  The bouncing thing simply didn't work very well.

And since I had to pick, I chose Peter's.  My logic was simply that I've attended many of Rebekah's and he's never had me attend a party for his class wholly except for his birthday celebrations.  The kids ate snacks, and while I didn't get to see the snacks from the other classes floaters commented that Peter's class was the place to be snack-wise.  They had fruit (grapes, strawberries, pineapple and apple slices), crackers, cheese cubes and a juice box.  Mmmm - it did look good.

I told him to smile...LOL

As the kids started finishing up, running around ensued.
They played a lively game of "run around in a circle like a lunatic".

The kids weren't into it at first, but the teacher persisted.  Then one of the little girls told her she needed a dress to dance in...and then all the kids decided they needed one.  Well - the ones that were dancing.  There were several that sat, ate and watched. ;-)  I had to laugh when Peter came back with a cheer leaders outfit and I laughed some more when he wasn't the only little boy with a dress!

And I took some video of the kids dancing.  :-)

It was a fun time.  What surprised me most was when it was time for the kids to go outside, Peter wanted to go.  He wanted to go SO badly, that he didn't want to come home with me.  I let him go play for about a half hour and hung out in Rebekah's class.  He still wanted to play, and I finally had to tell him we were going home or he would have to wait for William to pick him up.  He finally came.  Shocking really.  I'm used to him clinging to my leg for dear life in fear of me leaving without him.

Rebekah had a good time at her party.  They made reindeer food and I'm honestly not sure what else.  Their teacher gave them each a book about penguins.  She was bouncing off the walls.  I couldn't even told you what all they had for their party snack, other than fruit (which we brought).  :-)  She was talking about so many other things I didn't get a chance to ask. 


Charity said...

Is the teacher wearing her pjs? And can I please find a job where I can wear mine?

Miriam said...

Why yes, yes she is. One of the kids asked for a PJ day, and the Director said "WHY NOT!?!??!" and so they had a PJ day last minute. Peter elected to not wear his PJs.

So there you have it...preschool teacher and TA DA! You TOO can wear PJs! :-)