Thursday, December 23, 2010

Self Portraits

Some pictures I took of myself (with the kids during tree decorating) that I thought turned out decent.  None of them are perfect...but I don't have too many pictures of myself with my kids that are.  (Most of them are self portraits. :-))

I have almost saved up enough money for a DSLR camera.  Pre-kid and pre-digital popularity, I had a Minolta Maxxum 5 (or something like that).  I loved that camera and it was a creative outlet for me.  I took pictures all the time.  That pretty much stopped when I purchased a digital camera (actually, just before we had Rebekah).  I was slow to the digital band wagon in this case because there was so much I could do with my lovely SLR camera.  I of course finally came around. 

Next month I should be able to have enough.  I've picked out which one I want (unless I change my mind between now and then) and intend to get the Canon EOS Rebel T2i.  From the reviews, it looks to be the best bang/buck.  These things are so hard to tell though sometimes, so if you have any thoughts by all means leave them in the comments section. :-) 

One thing I probably should double check is to see if my lenses I already have will work with any DSLR's out there.  Since Minolta has gone out of business, I just assumed the lenses don't fit anything else.  But I guess it is possible they do.  (That could potentially sway me, as I have 3 and lenses can be pricey!)

Ahhhh...but when I have my camera back?  It'll be SO nice to have my creative outlet again!

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