Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joseph reassures Mary

Today William took out the Christmas train. We didn't take it out last year, and this year we decided to take it out just for one day. (Previously it went around the bottom of the tree...but that doesn't work so well with the way our house is setup now.)

One of the cars on the train has a door that opens and closes. Today Peter took our Little People Nativity set folks and started shoving them in. While playing with the people in the car, Peter says "Hi Mary. I'm Joseph. Don't worry, I'm going to marry you!"

How cute is THAT? It made my heart melt. I'm sure that something like that did go down between the two. I could type a whole philosophical piece on this, but sometimes it is just best to leave genius alone.

Remember the reason for the season - I'm so thankful for all the decisions made that allowed our Lord and Savior to be born.


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