Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sunny and Seventy

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon, it happened to be 70 degrees outside.

In November.

Just before Thanksgiving.

Yeah, of course we were going to spend it OUTSIDE!

We started out in the backyard swinging.  Peter LOVES to swing.  Both kids swung for awhile, then Rebekah got bored.  She grabbed a rake and started raking up the leaves in the backyard.  I inquired what she was doing, and she said she was going to rake up a big pile and jump in it.

I nodded and continued to push Peter.  After a few swings it dawned on me...

Sure...rake up the leaves...and everything else in the backyard...

Have I mentioned we have a 120 lb lab?


And for those who aren't dog people...well, large dogs leave behind...large messes.  Visions of children covered in...large messes...danced in my head. I quickly suggested we go to the mess-free front yard.  Both kids got excited and away we went. 

They would get a pile of leaves going, and then test it out.  Rebekah would look up at me with determination and say "Nope, not ready yet."  I'm not sure about the criteria for a pile of leaves being ready...but they certainly enjoyed testing it out.

They had a grand time. I'm going to bet that one day if I ever really want my lawn raked the same enthusiasm would be there.  But at least I have pictures to prove that they can in fact willingly rake a lawn.  I'm certain this will come back to haunt them one day.

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