Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Talking to your Children

Peter has been in a phase where whenever we ask him to do anything, he says NO.  Then he might grunt and pout.  And then after some stern threatening or discipline, he will finally do whatever we ask.  I really hate having to go that far, but there isn't much else I can do...I don't think.  (I will get to that point in a minute.)

The other day, he had been particularly defiant all day.  I guess I had been lecturing a lot, because after his latest incident, Peter exclaimed "Mom!  Stop telling on me!"  I stopped and said "Who am I telling on TO?"  He replied "ME Mom!"

Ummm...yeah.  I think this was Peter's 3 yo way of saying "STOP NAGGING!" It certainly caught my attention!

This evening at dinner Rebekah was in the floor rubbing on William's leg.  Think cat.  She is definitely a contact kid...and she will sit and suck her thumb and rub you.  She will run her hand up your arm and underneath your sleeve...and to be honest I'm so very tired of it that it makes my skin crawl.  She has mostly stopped rubbing me, but she still rubs on William frequently.  We both have struggled with how to deal with this, as we do recognize it is part of her "love language".  We've tried all sorts of methods and tactics, and none have really worked consistently.

Anyway - so this evening she was at William's feet rubbing his leg with her face and sucking her thumb.  I said "You aren't even rubbing me and it is annoying me!"  Rebekah looked at me and said "Mom, that isn't annoying.  THIS is annoying...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" (and proceeded to scream).

William and I busted up laughing.  She was right.  Then William said it reminded him of a part in a movie called Dumb and Dumber.  I've only seen pieces of it - but when he described it, he was definitely right about it being similar to the situation...which only added to the hilariousness of the situation.

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