Saturday, December 4, 2010

Young Peter and Waitresses

When we go out to eat, Peter is fond of telling waitresses "NO!".  Doesn't matter the question.

We went out to eat tonight and Peter was his usual charming self.  "NO! NO! NO!"  It became a game with this waitress to try and get him to say "YES!"  And she succeeded.  She asked him if he was enjoying his cake.  Then he asked her what her name was, and she asked him his.  "PETER [LASTNAME]!" he shouted with a mouthful of cake.  She didn't catch it, so he swallowed the cake and told her again.

She said "Do you tell everyone your full name or am I just special?"  He replied "Just you!"  And of course - he does tell everyone his full name when he comes across them.

The waitress thought he was the cutest thing ever.  He totally had her wrapped around his little pinky.

My boy is starting with this flirty thing early.  And with women awfully old for him.

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