Friday, January 21, 2011

Choices Fair, noises and finger flicking

 The local school district holds a fair every year explaining the educational options.  I actually found out about it just the day before it took place by accident, but William and I felt it was good to go.  There were booths set up for all the specialty schools in the district.

William and I sometimes are on the shy side, and events like this just really highlight that fact.  We walked in and looked at all the people and all the booths and immediately began pointing fingers at each other nominating one another to be the one to go and initiate talking to the various people at the booths.

Meanwhile, Rebekah waltzed right up to the first booth and immediately struck up a conversation.  Sometimes I wonder if she is really related to us... ;-)  She certainly wasn't shy and continued to go from booth to booth to booth chatting it up with everyone.  I even ended up talking to a few schools I wasn't interested in because she was over there talking with folks.  I guess the girl left her pair of shy jeans at home that evening.

So here is a picture of what our evening was like...William and I are talking with people.  Rebekah has her own person cornered that she is yakking too about whatever (I couldn't hear her half the time) and Peter is running around with a construction helmet on (plastic, not real) trying to take his shirt off.  Ruth is asleep in my arms and my arm is killing me because I totally didn't think to bring my wrap or a stroller.  Peter keeps pulling on Ruth's arm because he wants to kiss her.  I'm dead exhausted trying to focus on what these people are telling me about their schools...but I let William do most of that because it was harder to listen than it was to run after Peter.  And even though Peter was acting like a hellion, he somehow managed to charm the pants off of nearly everyone we met. 

It was an interesting evening to say the least.  We learned a ton and now have the difficult decision ahead of us on where to send Rebekah for school.  We actually found one we liked pretty well, so now it is just a matter of praying that God opens up the right doors for us.

In other news, today the kids were in rare form.  I was rolling laughing at them most of the evening.  Here are a couple snippets. 

On our way out of the daycare, Peter starts asking me if "Mom, did you hear that noise?" 500  times.  You know how kids do - they repeat what they are saying until you acknowledge them..."Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise? Mom, did you hear that noise?"  I finally stopped and looked at him and said "What noise?" 

Peter replies "This one!"  and then in a nasally bored (or maybe exasperated) voice he says "Allllll riiiiiiiight.  I'm coming."  I busted up laughing simply because the way he said it was so precious.  We all busted up giggling as well as mom who happened to be passing by.

Later at dinner Rebekah began flicking her fingers at me. I looked at her quizzically and said "What ARE you doing?"  Rebekah smiled and said "I'm baptizing you!"  I replied "You are?  Where did you learn that?"  Rebekah smiled and said "Caleigh baptized me at school today with paint water!"

I guess paint water would work in a pinch.